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Can I Carry Any Luggage With The Helicycle?

Yes, this is a planned option. We will make provision for external stores like a briefcase, light camping equipment and fishing gear to be carried on the Helicycle. An aerodynamic baggage pod on the underside of the cabin will be offered to our customers. A side mounted longer pod will also be available for carrying longer fishing rods, rifles, etc. .

The amount of extra weight that can be carried is dependent on pilot weight and fuel load carried. If you are planning operations at high altitudes, it will require very careful density altitude computation to insure safe operation.

Center of gravity adjustments will also be made to compensate for additional loading of your Helicycle. This is quickly accomplished by moving a small weight to the appropriate position along the tail boom.

Eagle R&D will continue to develop quality options for the Helicycle based on the needs of the owners, this will be an ongoing process in the evolution of the Helicycle and we would like appreciate your input.

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