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Joe W. Loxterkamp

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N393JL Check-Out Video  384k 

                N393JL Check-Out Video 768k  Higher quality

[Same video, each 64 min]

                       9/13/2001 [Kit delivered]          3-7-2006 [Airworthiness Issued]                 5-31-06 [1st Flight]


"Flying Times 2013" 

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Out for a ride.



Fuel pressure and light checks



Out visiting with Big Brother & the Gang.

At the Lake to cool off.



Visiting Mark.


Mark Working..

Looks like WORK!

Time to Ride & Fly.


The Birds

Some assembly required before lunch!

Good job Cook!

Checking out House renovation.

A stop at the "Farm" on the way home.

Heading to Hamilton


Tour of the UC Chopper from Gail


Big Sandy July 2013


Big Sandy 2013 Video

Pictures Video



To Oolitic, Parade Day.

My startup lookout.

A fuel stop to meet up with the "Bee"

The friendly fueler.

On Board Meals.

Meeting up with the Organizer!

Manual fueling.

Formation Briefing.

Our rest stop after the Parade start.

Oolitic display.


Back to the Friendly fueler!

Stopped at the Lake.

Room with a View.



To the Lake

Golf Cart Service!



A Stop at the "Hands"

No Body Home..




Tweedy Ready to get out!


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Building Pictures                      Checkout Pictures

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